Have you ever find a tiny bright  or dark spot on your screen....? Is what you’re seeing just a stuck pixel or is it, in fact, a dead pixel?
  • Well hold on they might be stuck pixel or dead or hot pixel
  • Want to get rid of this annoying spots,okay you are at right place

Stuck pixel or dead pixel fix
Stuck pixel or dead pixel fix
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Let's start to fix stuck pixel,dead pixel fix,hot pixels

Well before going to do any physical treatment with your devices. you have to know whether your device have stuck or dead pixel. Because your any physical action may harm your device badly. If your device is running under the duration of warranty kindly go for it rather than treating at your own. Most well known laptop manufacturing company repaired your screen under warranty if you have at least one or two stuck or dead pixel rarely.

Let's know little bit difference about stuck pixel,dead or hot pixel

If the spot on your screen is in red, blue, green, white and changing with the background than cheers you can fix them those pixel are called stuck pixel and they are easily remove by some simple tips and tricks which i definitely tell you ☺️ But if you are facing any black or white tiny spot then you have to go service center or should have to deal with any specialist. Because you are dealing with dead or hit pixels which are difficult to cure without any guidance and may put your device in danger. if you do physical stress your device screen.

Hope you are not dealing with dead or hot pixels

There are three method to fix stuck pixel which are

  • Flashing animation method
  • Pressure technique
  • Tapping approach
  • Heat method

Flashing animation method

Stuck pixel or dead pixel fix
jScreenfix with flashing animation method

  • Tune on your any browser in your device
  • Google jScreenfix and click on the first link with jScreenfix keyword or just simply click on link i given
  • Click the blue launch button on jScreenfix site to launch application over the web
  • Drag the flickering colors box on stuck pixel about 10 minutes
  • jScreenfix claim that stuck pixel can be repaired in 10 minutes. Do it several time till your stuck pixels will not blemish.
  • Work never fails

Pressure technique

  • Turn off your computer's screen.
  • Get yourself a damp washcloth, so that you don't scratch your display.
  • Take a family pen, pencil, screwdriver, or some other sort of device with a focused, however pretty dull, point. A superb tool would be a pda stylus.
  • Fold the washcloth to make sure you do not by accident puncture it and scratch the display.
  • Follow pressure through the folded washcloth with the instrument to precisely in which the caught pixel is.
  • Try now not to place stress everywhere else, as this may make more stuck pixels. Even as making use of strain, activate your pc and screen.
  • Remove pressure and the stuck pixel must be gone. This works because the liquid inside the liquid crystal has no longer spread into every little pixel.
  • This liquid is used with the backlight in your display, permitting special amounts of mild via, which creates the exceptional colors.

Tapping approach

  • turn on the laptop and liquid crystal display display screen.
  • Display a black picture, so one can show the caught pixel very absolutely against the background. (it is very important that you are displaying a black photograph and now not just a blank signal, as you need the backlighting of the liquid crystal display to be illuminating the again of the panel).
  • Find a pen with a rounded end. A sharpie marker with the cap on need to be pleasant for this.
  • Use the rounded quit of the pen to gently faucet wherein the stuck pixel is - no longer too difficult to begin with, just sufficient to see a quick white glow below the point of contact.
  • If you didn't see a white glow, you then failed to tap tough sufficient, so use just barely greater strain this time. Begin tapping lightly.
  • Increase the strain on the taps regularly for five-10 faucets until the pixel rights itself. Display a white photograph (an empty text record, or sending your browser to approximately:clean and going to fullscreen with f11 is ideal for this) to verify that you haven't by chance caused greater damage than you constant.

Heat method

  • this method is beneficial if huge regions are discolored or even black.
  • It works pleasant with laptops, but it can paintings with separate monitors, too. Via the usage of this approach, you are exposing your pc to the threat of unfavourable the processor and/or different components by means of overheating.
  • In case you do this, you have to be willing to simply accept the lack of your laptop (for laptops), or monitor (for stand-by myself monitors). You must backup your statistics before trying this approach. In mainly terrible cases of harm, the effect may not paintings absolutely, or the fix might not be everlasting.
  • Activate the pc. Make sure it's miles plugged into wall electricity. Visit your strength settings inside the manage panel and set the pc no longer to doze off or standby mode. Vicinity the pc in a partially-closed table drawer or someplace that is not well-ventilated.
  • Close the computer lid nearly absolutely, but don't allow it close fully - this could hold the computer screen turned on indefinitely.
  • You could take a small paper pamphlet or something soft and location it on the keyboard to save you gravity from closing the lid. Permit the pc sit down for numerous hours or even days in this circumstance.
  • You can check on it as frequently as you like. The warmth generated will reason the liquid crystal to drift extra without difficulty into the areas that were not previously stuffed.


  • Do not attempt to open the monitor as it will void the warranty and the manufacturer will not replace it.
  • Make sure you don't get any electrical equipment wet or it may break.
  • Some people claim that touching the screen can cause more stuck pixels to become stuck, although this has not been proven.

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