google lens introduce a useful feature for copy paste, handwritten notes.

Google lens new feature
Google lens new feature
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Google lens has added a brand new function to Google Lens that may now enable customers to copy and paste handwritten notes. Out of your cellphone to your pc with Lens. it's similar to OCR, (optical character recognition) refers to the branch of computer science. That involves reading text from paper and translating the images into a form that the computer can manipulate.Which we found earlier on camscanner a useful android as well as ios application introduced for imitate handwritten notes.


How does it work?

Google Lens' will solely work in case your handwriting is neat sufficient. For this kind of ease technique your handwriting should be neat and clean so that the google lens can scan it efficiently. and imitate same words on the digital screen without any little error withe the help of google OCR, (optical character recognition)  technique.

The potential of OCR techniques is enormous as a result of they allow customers to harness the facility of computer systems to access printed documents. OCR is already getting used broadly within the authorized occupation. The place searches that when required hours or days can now be achieved in a number of seconds.

The newest function

With the intention to use the brand new function, you could have the most recent model of Google Chrome in addition to the standalone Google Lens app on Android or the Google app on iOS. update  is necessarily.

Login is must

You will additionally must be logged in to the identical Google account on each units. Because of the interconnection between thee network. Redirection only work properly if the user login their account in each of the google platform units

Tips on how to do it!

To make use of the function, you merely have to level your digicam at any handwritten textual content, highlight it on-screen, and choose copy. You'll be able to then go to any doc in Google Docs, hit edit, after which paste to stick the textual content. That's all your hand written text is ready for update thanks to Google lens.

This function is very useful for the content writers as well as for the blogger community. So that they can reflect there present ford on the web without wasting lots of precious  time.

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