• American company Moderna has tested a pilot vaccine on some people
  • Its results have been very positive, it has seen a response on the immune system.
  • It is being said that it can prevent corona by producing antibodies.
  • There are currently 90 groups worldwide looking for vaccines to prevent the corona virus

Moderna coronavirus vaccine shows positive result, immunity booster
Moderna coronavirus vaccine shows positive result, immunity booster
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Washington: Immunity is believed to be an important role in the treatment of Coronavirus. At the same time, it is now being claimed that a US company has found a vaccine that will enable the immunity system of humans to fight the disease.
However, the experiment on the vaccine is still in its initial stage. In a trial conducted by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious
moderDiseases, it was found that the vaccine was producing antibodies that could neutralize the corona virus.

The drug company Moderna says that their antibodies were found inactive in the first eight people who participated in the drug trial. It also claimed that immune response was similar among all corona infected people. However, a wider trial on this will begin in July. The company says that it is considering how to manufacture the vaccine.

According to a BBC report, around 80 groups worldwide are busy making the Corona virus vaccine. Moderna is the first of these groups to have tested the experimental vaccine. Its name is mRNA-1273. Actually, this vaccine is a small part of the genetic code of the corona virus, but it can force the immune system to respond.

Moderna says that those who took a low dose of the vaccine had the same level of antibodies as those seen in patients recovering from the corona. "These data have increased our confidence that the mRNA-1273 vaccine inhibits covid 19 and also enhances our ability to select doses in critical trials," said Dr. Talla Jacques, Chief Medical Officer of Moderna.

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