facebook owned instagram launched their new feature which is calles as Reels

Recently facebook company owned instagram launched a new feature called Instagram Reels, 
so in this article you are learnd about instagram new feature which is suspiciously similar to now-banned app tiktok.
instagram reels gives user similar kind of functionality what tiktok provides to therir users, users are allow to create videos in app and also uses instagram AR effect and music from insta library or record their own audios

This was confirmed by Vishal Shah, Vice President (VP) of Product, Facebook. Like Tiktok, users will be able to create 15 seconds video with popular songs, challenges or the current trends. Which are shearable to their followers and more. people will be able to react on reels of creaters.

Another feature is people can shear their reals outside the platfor and also in their personal feed.
but till now instagram did'nt reveal any monetization feature avaliable for creaters, for their passive income source along with entertainment.

this feature has rolling out to the users but till now avaliable for limited people, if you're not able to find this feature on your instagram app make sure wait since it will become avaliable very soon. feature will started rolling out on july-08-2020 in india at 7:30pm IST

instagram reels, instagram new feature
instagram reels, instagram new feature
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What is intagram reels?

for making reels video user have to open instagram camera section, bellow in bottom there is three option are visible live, story, reels  user will have to select reels option to start churning out 15 sec videos like tiktok, MX takatak ,etc 
reels gives user frredom of  using instagram music library, AR effects, speed motion, and lots of trend based stuff.

Post recording of a Reel, users can choose the target audience they want to share with their tallent and unlike Instagram Stories, Reels can also be shared in the Explore section which will then be allowed to be viewed by everyone on the platform.
newly interface of intagram come with lots of fun and freedom to create fine content. in the above mention images you can see their is a video play button vissible by which pressing user can start their reels with a limit of 15 sec. user can also be reviewed , delete, re-record their reels 

it can also be recorded at once and the different effects can be added to each clip post the shoot like AR Effects, speed motion, audio, trim reels etc.

How to create instagram reels?

for making reels from instagram new feature you should have to follow these simple steps

  1. go to the instagram camera section and select reels button at the bottom
  2. click to the audio option and select song from instagram audio library, which you want to use for create your reels
  3. you can use your original audio by simply recording 
  4. use AR Effects  to your reels to make content intresting and enjoyble to the audience
  5. you can use timer to create reeels hand free
  6. user can be able to slow or fast the part of reels by using speed feature
  7. after creating reeels simply review, pass or delete your reels 
  8. if you like content release to the post for visble your reels to the audiences


instagram reels is nothing but its a simply clone to the recently  banned tiktok,  or says its a clever work by the team of instagram simply grab the oppurtunity before it select by others
reels it feel it

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